Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I Do What I Do?

I love coaching! I approach every new client with enthusiasm because I know I can take them to the next level... and beyond. I know if they stick with me, they'll have what they want in life. I work with people who are looking for more fulfillment in their lives, whether it's to enhance a life that's already satisfactory, or to implement a complete lifestyle or career change. I excel in coaching people from the inside out - making the internal changes as well as the external. My unique coaching process sparks insights, increases personal power and expands my clients' ability to create what they want in a way that lasts a lifetime.

I'm also a very practical and down-to-earth coach. I help clients organize and prioritize everything in their lives, from balancing home and work, to managing a family. And while they're getting organized, they learn how to stop procrastinating, get out of overwhelm and make time for self-care.

Just as in coaching, I have brought that same desire and passion into my writing and speaking. It's not just a career for me but it's a way to leave a great impact on this world.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman