Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today It begins...

Here is something to keep you remembering every day is a gift. Use it wisely.

This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I will. I can waste it. . . or use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it! When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain and not loss; good and not evil; success, and not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it. I will try just for today, for you never fail until you stop trying.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Discover Your True Path By Lisa Pertrilli

A few days ago I came across this blog and thought I would share it with my readers. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.

Coach Linda Hillman

Here's the blog by Lisa Petrilli:
"We were all moved, and many of us shaken, by the loss of Steve Jobs last week.  He inspired us with his vision, his passion for his work and his creative genius.  We cheered him when he battled back from being fired at Apple.  We so badly wanted him to win his ultimate battle with his unrelenting foe.
In reflecting on his life and his beliefs, many of us watched the 2005 Commencement Speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University.  What stood out most to me are two, beautiful messages:
Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads off the well-worn path.  And that will make all the difference.
Steve Jobs is imploring these graduates to discover their True Path in life.  It’s a quest I’ve been on myself, lately, and I’ve discovered twelve critical lessons that I’ve decided to share in the hope they will prove valuable to you…
1. Look within yourself
This was the biggest surprise of all and the most valuable lesson.  All the answers to the questions of who you are meant to be in this world - and what you are meant to bring to this world – lie within you.  You simply have to know where to look and be open to listening to your own guidance from within.
I have learned the critical importance of spending quiet time each morning being still, quieting my mind, and being open to what my heart wants to tell me.  It’s how I connect to my True Self, and it enables me to lead from within as I move through each day.
Connecting with your inner self, your True Self, is the first and most important step to finding your True Path in life.
When we leave childhood behind we often leave behind our own sense of self.  We become sensitive to what other people think and to what they want us to be.  We may lose our own sense of self-expression, playfulness, and our ability to “let go” and feel a real sense of freedom.  In doing so we slip off our True Path without even knowing it.
Reconnecting with who we are within – who we are in our central core, in our soul – is the only way back to our True Path.
2. Ask courageously for what you need and want in your life
I know how difficult this can be.  You see, I had to ask for a kidney.  When I opened up my heart to believing in my own worthiness to make such a bold request of the universe, and to the possibility of actually receiving a kidney, a woman whom I had never met called me on the phone.  She told me she knew in her heart that if she was a match, she was meant to give me hers.
The courage to ask for what you need, and the sense of worthiness to ask for what you most desire, are critical ingredients to finding your True Path.
3. Accept that there is an inner light within you with power beyond your understanding
We all have a life force within us. You alone have the power to take this brilliant life force to the world.  As a leader, this is a true gift. It should be used wisely and to its greatest potential for the good of the world, and for the benefit of those you lead.
This was truly one of the most important and inherently powerful realizations on my journey.
4. Connect with and accept the beauty of your physical body
We humans spend a lot of time telling ourselves what’s wrong with our physical bodies, sometimes to the point of feeling disdain.  When we do this, we completely disconnect from our true selves and deny the most essential life gift we’ve received.  Discovering your True Path involves accepting and loving everything about your True Self, including the body through which you travel your path.
5. Let go of everything that is holding you back
Letting go can be so difficult, even as it seems so obvious. We hold onto our walls and our fears, sometimes because they’ve simply become comfortable.  We’re not quite sure how we’ll function without them.
You hear this often in regard to people who need to lose weight; they lose the weight only to find themselves uncomfortable psychologically because they have grown accustomed to their mindset of being overweight.  They haven’t closed the door on their old mindset in order to open a new door to the new path they are traveling.
You have to let go of what holds you back to create the freedom to move forward toward your True Path.
6. Stop lamenting and choose to move forward
Again, this may seem so obvious yet it’s easy to spend years and even decades lamenting the past rather than choosing to move forward.  There is a time and place to lament, but to find and travel your True Path you must consciously choose to begin moving forward.
Have you chosen to do so?
7. Observe, don’t absorb
I wrote an entire post on the power of these three words to change your whole outlook, but the gist is this:
We are faced with so much uncertainty, fear and stress in our world today.  Our success, and to a great degree our well-being, depend on being observers rather than absorbers.
If we absorb the uncertainty, fear and stress – particularly the fear and stress of other people – we lose our own sense of self, and we get easily knocked off of our True Path.
Although this is one of the most difficult steps in the True Path journey, it is one of the most critical.  Why?  Because we will always be around people and situations that have negative energy.  Always.  It is just a reality of our lives and of the world.
Those who live their True Path learn how not to take the uncertainty, fear and stress of others along with them…
8. Let go of what’s not on your path
Just as you don’t want to take the negative energy of others and of the world with you on your True Path, you have to come to terms with what you personally have to leave behind as well.
This was horribly difficult for me.  I had to finally accept that because of my kidney transplant and other factors in my life, I had to let go of the idea that some things I wanted were still ahead of me.  They aren’t. They are simply not on my True Path.  A part of me already knew this, but I hadn’t accepted it or worked through it until my recent journey.
Taking the time to mourn what’s not on your True Path with you is critical to moving confidently forward down the path.
9. Remember Abundance Comes From Within
Abundance lives within you and has expansive energy.
Remember as you come face-to-face with “lack” on your journey that it comes from “without” and is not nearly as powerful.
It is the fear of lack that fuels the lack, gives it energy and power, and creates a psychologically debilitating cycle.  When you are in fear it is very difficult to feel balanced, and virtually impossible to travel your True Path.
10. Open yourself up to receiving abundance
It may surprise you, but many of us block abundance from coming into our lives by surrounding ourselves with a fear of “lack.” That fear serves as a wall that actually keeps the abundance at bay.  Read that sentence again because it can literally change your life if you genuinely acknowledge it.
You have to let go of the fear, and you have to let go of the ways you hold onto that fear, in order to fully open yourself up to abundance!
11. Commit to staying in the present moment
You probably never thought of it this way but it is in the present moment that you hold and can wield all of your power.  You have absolutely no power over the past and the only power you have over the future is to affect it in the present.
The present is where your power exists, where doors open, and where your True Path unfurls.
Only in the present moment can you “be the change you want to see in the world,” as Gandhi instructed. If you are not living immersed in the present moment, then you are not living from your own strength and power.
When you are thoughtfully and energetically present with those around you, and when you give the gift of your presence and your energy that come from your inner self, you become more highly attuned to the moments when you stray from – or move closer to – your True Path.
12. Honor yourself
Ultimately, everything about the journey to discover your True Path comes back to honoring yourself.
Honor who you are in every moment, every single time.
Be mindful of the words you use.  When you put words out into the universe you give them power to be true. Honor yourself by speaking and thinking in ways that are true to who you are and to the brilliant light and power within you.
Honor yourself by doing the work to free yourself of what’s holding you back, by starting anew connected to your True Self, and by living on your True Path!
Wishing you all the best of life as you travel your own True Path…"

Lisa Petrilli is Chief Executive Officer of C-Level Strategies, Inc., Chief Operating and Marketing Officer for the To Be a Woman global platform, and Chief Relationship Officer for CEO Connection.  She is passionate about visionary leadership.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Transformation Is More Than A Change

Flora Slosson Wueller states in her book, Transformation: Our Fear, Our Longing, "Transformation involves more than mere adaptation to outer manipulation. Transformation implies new creation rather than change."

So many are looking for a change in their situation, a relief of a painful circumstance, a minor manipulation of finances, etc... but real transformation eludes us. Oh we say we want to be transformed but we settle for a change.

Let me explain what I mean, change is inevitable. It occurs whether we want it or not. For example, change is being laid off my job, having a baby, getting married, changing careers, starting a new job or business etc. These are changes that occur in life whether wanted or not. Some we have control over and some we don't. Transformation is not always a part of change.

Change is movement from one situation to another, we hope change results in a better situation but all too often is results in simply put a change in life, Something different, not always better.

When transformation occurs it is more than movement from one situation to another. It is a difference that results in life altering patterns. Change and transformation are sometimes the cause and effect partners in our lives. Together they can bring about the opportunity to fully understand and embrace your life's purpose. We can through their co-mingling become the person we are meant to be. 

Without change there can be no transformation. It is important to understand that change becomes transformative in a moment. Through change we can allow ourselves to embrace the greater presence of who we are. We allow this sense of something greater to inform us, instruct us, and empower us. Thus altering our lives for that moment on. 

Another way to look at the difference of Change and transformation is this. You change your clothes daily, however, in doing so you are not revealing anything about who you are and why you exist. You simply do it out of habit. Have you ever gone to your favorite restaurant and they changed the menu? It takes you a moment to adapt to the change. You may even express some frustration but you eventually settle your thoughts and move on. It has not changed your opinion of the restaurant and the feelings you have for the most part remain. Change happens and we get over it.

On the other hand, have you ever wounded yourself and had to get stitches, may you broke a bone, or had to get surgery of some kind. In all these examples, there was a change that occurred that effected the future events of how you would live your life. Either you have a scar that will fade slightly but will always be there as a constant reminder of the injury, or some other visible reminder that you have been altered. Maybe it was a divorce or death in the family. transformation happens when the changes can not be reversed and require you to act differently.

Change is inevitable. It must occur often... but just as the caterpillar eventually has to go into the cocoon to transform into the butterfly...we must let our change yield to transformation to truly brace who we are. 

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Color Your Destiny

- Frank Outlaw 

This is a famous quote and many of us will agree with the sentiment of the quote. However, we forget that they are more than one way to view our lives. We have options. We can decide to see the glass half full or half empty. It's our choice.

What I really want you think about today is:

  1. Understand YOU as an Individual and as a Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities
  2. Identify thoughts and feelings and how they relate to your concept of YOU
If you get an opportunity take a moment to download a free copy of Peter Klein's "The Go-Getter" on the Kindle or look for a copy of "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson. Both of these books will give you a different way of viewing what you say you want. They will help you see that when you take the time to understand what it is you want, you will stop at nothing to get it done. Even impossible situations can be overcome by changing your thoughts.

After reading these books, I want you to get a sheet of paper, draw three lines and then get some glue, toothpaste or other liquid. I want you to trace the lines with the liquid and let it sit for 30 seconds. After it has set, try to put the liquid back in the original container. Then take a moment to journal about your experience. Mainly, I want you to journal about the reality that sinks into your mind about how you present who you are and what you want to the world. 

How do you want the world to view you. It's your time now to color your destiny.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Join Me with my New Series "Fear Is Not An Option"

Attention: Do you Desire to Live A Fearless Life and Live Your Dreams Successfully?
Tele-seminars begins Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 5PM PST
Each Seminar will be on the Fourth Monday of the Month ending July 23, 2012. All seminars are @ 5PM PST

Do you SUFFER From:
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Committment
  • Fear of Intimacy
  • Fear of Success
Suffering from these common fears, can aid in your missing out on the true pleasures and successes life has to offer you. You become stuck and dissatified. You must realize this:

"Love is what we were born with. Fear is waht we learned here."
-Marianne Williamson

Coach Linda Hillman
I am Coach Linda of Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group and I am excited about the opportunity to share with you how I have manifested my dreams using fear as a catalyst. Not only has it gotten me massive results, it has transformed my life.

I am no stranger to life's up and downs, wanting to feel significant and make a contribution to the bigger picture, yet not able to find my way. I sought after a life with meaning. I was making a good salary, had a nice car, all the nice clothes and name brand shoes and purses a lady could ever want. I had friends and family that a young woman with a bright future needed surrounding her.

However, there was something missing!

Let me tell you, I have seen life's worse moments too, being homeless, jobless and trying to make ends meet with a plan that was going no where fast and things seemed to get worse and no improvement was insight. I had dreams but at the rate I was going, there was no way I would ever see the realization of them. I was frustrated and beat up to say the least. I knew what it meant to have what you want and I was not willing to settle for less, but less was all I seemed to be getting. Sound familiar?

It was not until I dealt with the real issues in my life that the good, the bad and the indifferent started making sense to me. I realized that achieving your dreams and seeing them manifest is possible. You can have a meaningful life and be all you are created to be. There is no secret, it actually right in our face when you really  think about it. Listen whether you like your current lifestyle or you are searching for that place you belong, If you truly feel there is more for you than the normal run of the mill, I can help you see the path to real change and satisfaction. 

Here's what you will get from this series:

  • How to use fear to your advantage
  • How to face your fears and overcome them
  • How to manifest your dreams despite your current situation
  • Why you should live your dreams now
  • Understanding the cost of your dream
  • Effective ways to plan your life
  • Time management
  • Gaining the benefits of your dreams NOW
  • Strategies and techniques that will transform your life
Isnt it time you did something that will affect your life now?

Why wait, Do it Today!

Just register Today for the Series of Seminars or for the one you feel is needed most. After you have register you will recieve all the information you need to participate in this life changing series. If you are unable to be there live on the calls, no worries, Still register for the series and get access to the recording within 24 hours of the calls. It is just that simple to change your life!

Let the Journey Begin!

To Register go to

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
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Are you a Con or Real? You Cant Be Both

I was watching "White Collar" when one of the characters said something that got me to thinking. It was something along the thought of, "You can be a con or a man but you cant be both." When you think of your life and all that you are striving to be or do, you must remember you can be a con or you can be real but you cannot be both.

What exactly does that mean to you. You will have to search your own soul, however, the meaning will help you see what you have a value and where your core values stand. In the scheme of living a life of purpose and understanding your destiny. You have to be true to who you are and know if you are a con or the real deal. We all want to be the real deal but many of us have sold our values to the highest bidder at times and thus became the con.

It's time you take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I the real deal? 
  2. Do I truly believe in what is available to me? 
  3. Do I truly have what it takes to go after the dream? 
  4. Am I running a scheme on myself?
If the answer you come up with is not what you expected it to be, ask yourself why? Until you come to grip with who you are and why you are, you will not be able to move ahead on purpose. the con has to stop before the real can begin. 

Don't play a game with your future. It's time to come clean. Are you a con or the real deal? 

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When You Can't Pin-point Your Passion, Start With What You're Already Doing—Not What You Think Others Want To Hear By Daniel Pink

Ask people, "What is your passion?" and they often freeze. They feel as if they have to give an amazing answer, like "feeding the orphans of the world" or "writing a novel that changes the landscape of literature." Or they feel as if "I don't know" isn't an option. You might be one of those passionate people who have hearts aflame, pumping with desire. But you might have the kind of heart that's quieter, softer. It's harder for people to hear these whispers—I know, that sounds like a country and western song—but the way you tune your ear to hear them is to simply watch what you do.
"Some people don't take whispers seriously, thinking they're somehow not legitimate, because they're spoken with a softer voice."
I actually learned this myself. I went to law school and then worked in government and on Capitol Hill. I was an economic policy guy, but for 10 or 15 years, I was writing articles on the side. If someone had asked me, "What's your passion?" I never would have said, "Oh, writing about business and technology." I would have seized up and stammered. Now if someone had asked, "What do you think about when you're spacing out at work? What do you do on Friday afternoons?" The answer was clear. As a result, it's what I do now.
So, what do you do when no one's watching? What do you read in your spare time? I've noticed that if people are interested in something, they'll steer the conversation to that topic. So, where do you seem to inevitably take your conversations? Too often the question, What is your passion? leads to an answer you've come up with for other people, whereas the other questions I've mentioned will lead to an answer for yourself.

Some people don't take whispers seriously, thinking they're somehow not legitimate, because they're spoken with a softer voice. I think you have to remind yourself that this is what your heart is telling you. It may not be screaming at you, but it might be giving you something more valuable. —As told to's Jancee Dunn

Daniel H. Pink is the author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Riverhead).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

See the Invisible! Achieve the Impossible! Dare 2 B U Now!

Now a days many are talking about vision, dreams, wealth, prosperity, riches, destiny and the list goes on and on. However, with all the ways you can achieve the list of desired things we want in life, we must remember one thing. In order to be a person full of passion, to live your destiny and live wealthy, you must be true to who you are.

Heard that before? Okay well hear it again.

In order to achieve the impossible in your life you must see what's not there. You have to see beyond your circumstances and come to grip with who you truly are and where that path will lead you. There will be failures, there will be mishaps and many nights of questions and tears. the point is there are all needed. In defining who you are and what will become of of you, you must have the following moments:

1. Clarifying Moments
These are moments that bring clarity and cause you to make a change for the better. It's when you start to understand the "Why". It's requires you to step outside of your current symptoms, we like to call situations and circumstances, and see the bigger picture.

2. Defining Moments
Similar to clarifying moments, these moments define who we are or most likely who we should be. Defining moments are those moments where you thump your head and says AHA, I should have done this long time ago. It's when you leave that job for a job you thought you would not qualify for, or you start that business you always wanted to, or maybe you say yes to the mate of your dreams, defining moments change the course of your life. It then becomes the moment that defines time. Think about the BC. "before Christ". Get the picture? defining moments can start with a clarifying moment but will grow into a show stopper. Nothing remains the same after these moments.

3. Conception Moments
In order to truly experience the first two moments there must be a conception moment. It that moment you say yes! You say yes to the dream, the vision, the passion and the possibility you allow yourself to dream. You journal, you ask questions, you allow yourself to be swept away. It's the moment you open yourself up to the big WHAT IF. You become pregnant with the dream of greatness.

4. Conscious Moments/Actual Moments
This is being aware of where you are in your journey. You reflect on where you have been and what's still ahead. You understand that there are lessons to be learned in this moment. It's living in the present. This does not mean hinder your progress but it keep you grounded and a force to be reckoned with. It's the proverbial stance. It says, I am here but not for long. Just like those maps in buildings that state you are here. You only check those maps to get your barrens and know which way you should proceed to get to your designation.

It should be clear now that in order to make the impossible happen there is a process we all must go through. the first step is to start to dream. To have faith in the invisible. To understand that great things happen in just a moment. So let your moments happen and remember the most important part is to find WHO you are in the process and dare to be YOU Now.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are you Busy, Are you Busy, Brother John?

You remember the nursery song Are you sleeping, are you sleeping Brother John, Brother John?
Well, I changed the words to are you busy? Many people are busy going places, doing things and getting things done yet they seem to be standing still.

The question is this why are we so busy? What are we getting done. In a world where there are more and more opportunities to achieve your dreams and aspirations, we have more in poverty and struggling then ever before. Why is that I ask?

It is my personal opinion that we are so caught up in the hype of being busy that we forgot what productivity looks like. We have palm pilots, laptops, blackberry phones, iPhone, iPad and etc to help us stay ahead of what we have to do and schedule meetings about meetings. We have to get the last word in and it's has to be done right now. In the scheme of things most of what is important and truly needs to be a huge attention not getting much attention. There is a saying that the little foxes spoil the vine. We get caught up in the minors and the major things sort of get the butt of the stick.

We let the things that really matter sort of fall to the floor and get trampled by the minor things in life. Yes, sometimes it is needful to pay attention to the minor things but not at the sacrifice of losing your family, your friends, your job, your mind.

Take  a moment to stop and smell the roses and plan. Take someone you love out on a date and woe them. Leave your cell phone at home and take a walk. I guarantee you, that if you start taking time to enjoy life you will find that productivity comes much more easier.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Saying Goodbye Too Soon - RIP Whitney Houston

RIP Whitney, You will be missed. The many songs you gave that underline the soundtrack of my life will always keep you near and dear to my heart. I will always love you!

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Feast On Healthy And Delicious Relationships—And Protect Yourself From Poisonous People By Martha Beck

The Company You Keep
As soon as you could bring your baby hands to your mouth, you instinctively began tasting everything you could reach, learning which substances tasted poisonous, which were tasty. You were born also with a set of analogous social instincts. As a child, you clearly felt people's affect on you. Some made you feel happy and safe; others scared or repelled you.

Unfortunately, you were soon taught to override your instincts. "Give me a kiss!" adults may have insisted. "Share your toys with little Chris! Be nice!" Bit by bit, you learned not to pull away from poisonous people. Now you may voluntarily interact with people who leave you feeling wounded, betrayed, or confused. You need to re-learn your instincts for keeping toxic people at bay and attracting nourishing relationships. You'll need two skills: Screening and boundary-setting.

1. Screening People
This is the mental equivalent of a baby's taste-testing. Whenever you sense someone is lying, hostile, or unsafe, you feel a set of subtle psychological signals that can best be described with one simple word: "Ick!" Safe, supportive people create an inner "Yum!" Their company makes you feel healthier and stronger.

To use your screening instincts, ask yourself, "How do I feel after being with this individual?" (Don't ask how you feel when you're with the person—social triggers override instincts while you're in someone's presence.) The "aftertaste" is your best screening mechanism. Use it to help set boundaries appropriate to your instinctive perceptions.

2. Setting Boundaries
Picture yourself at the center of infinite concentric circles. Someone in the ring next to you can touch you any time. People several circles out can talk to you, but not touch you. Those who are, say, 50 circles from the center have to shout for you to hear them.

Now think of someone you know. Call this person X. Imagine X standing in the circle next to you. If you feel an "Ick!" and want to physically pull back, X is too close. Move X back a circle—or two, or three, or 20—until the "Ick!" subsides. If you feel yourself wanting to lean forward toward X, you've gone too far. 

3. Find the distance that feels balanced.
This distance is a rough indication of how much you instinctively trust each person. Keep it in mind when deciding how much time and information you spend with them. If you must spend time with a person you mistrust or dislike, be polite but private. Don't leave your center circle by offering to do things for them or by attacking them. Simply don't engage.

4. The Nourishing Life
Screening and boundary setting may not seem "nice" to your social mind, but they're the best steps you can take to surround yourself with people who nourish you while relegating toxic people to a distance where they can't poison you. They'll make your social life healthy and delicious. You knew that when you were born. Reclaim your true nature and know it again.

Life coach Martha Beck is a columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine and best-selling author of Finding Your Own North Star and Expecting Adam. Her latest book is Steering by Starlight.

Give the “F” Word the Middle Finger

Dear Readers:

I found this blog today and wanted to share it with you. I hope it inspires you as it has me.

Coach Linda Hillman

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we by let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”—————-Marianne Williamson

It’s time to give the “F” word the middle finger. So what is the “F” word? FEAR!!  I am not necessarily talking about giving fear the finger but rather the same disposition you would have when you give someone the finger. When you passionately and forcefully yell out that letter word towards any and every body, is the same disposition you need to have towards fear.
Fear is anything that is not Love. Bitterness, anger, jealousy, hatred, negativity, resentment, depression, disrespect, procrastination, lying, gossip, pride, sadness, unforgiveness, etc are all acts of fear. We hide behind these things because in actuality we are scared, we are avoiding something, we think that these traits that we adopt, we become will protect us, will shield, will hide our vulnerability, will make us appear to be something that we really not, will keep others from knowing us, will keep us in control.
Joy, peace, patience, faith, humility, a smile or hug, discipline, determination, compassion, kindness, empowerment, listening, charity, goodness, forgiveness, loyalty, honesty, respect, self-worth, confidence, positivity, gratefulness, etc are acts of love.
So either you are operating in love or you are operating in fear.
Cease waking up in fear, living in fear, and going to sleep in fear. Today you must confront fear and it put it in its place. Today you must tell fear off, cuss fear, out, tell fear to shut up, tell fear it has you mistaken with the old you.
Just think about the entire nasty, negative, horrid things fear tells you about you, if those words came from another person what would you do? The same attitude you would have if someone dare to mouth the insults, spew the negativity, talk about you to your face, telling you ain’t good enough, will never be good enough, and crazy you even think that you were good enough that same, is the same attitude you need to give that little voice that pops and tries to derail you off of your path.
See when you confront fear, you are declaring war, so you must approach the situation ready to rumble, ready to scrap, ready to fight to the bloody end. And please believe ironically, as scary as FEAR is, as limited as it is, will not go out without a fight. So you have to come armored up, suited up, and booted up.
Fear is going to go into its bag of tricks and try to disillusion you with things from the past. It will remind you of the failures, the rejections, the heartache, the pain, the betrayal, the shame, the blame, the mistakes, the embarrassments, the weaknesses, the low points in your life.
They may be facts, face them, see them for what they are, learn from them, and finally release them. Realize that those facts no longer have to be truths in your life. You can’t change the facts but you can change the truths that you associate with the facts. You no longer have to keep feeding life into what happened. Disassociate your feelings from what happened negatively in your life. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happened, it just mean you are moving forth and no longer living in bondage. You no longer have to live in the “what happened” because you chose to live in the “what’s happening”, (right now today).
This battle, this inner self conflict will be ongoing. Please be reminded when attacking fear, you are not attacking yourself. You are talking to that false emotion that resides in you. So please do not talk down to yourself. Call out fear by its name, not yours because no matter what it may seem, fear is not you. Every time it rears its ugly head and attempt to stop you from moving forth. Attack it immediately, call it the liar that it is, the coward that it is. (I even challenge you to ask fear, what is it really afraid of. Take heed to the response.)
Fear is an imposter pretending to be us. When we operate in fear, we are not being ourselves, who we are supposed to be. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. That doesn’t just apply to the thing(s) that you fear that aren’t really real. It also applies to you at the time you are operating in fear. It isn’t you!!! So the more you allow fear to impersonate you and impose its limited beliefs on you, you will never become the real you and live your real life as you!!
You tell fear you can do it and will do it. Tell fear that God gave you peace and sound mind. Tell fear that it can go to hell, matter fact bind it up, rebuke it, and yell at it if you have to. Tell fear you are a child of God, you are moving forward, you are courageous, you are a conqueror, you are success, you are beautiful, you are healthy, you are love, you are whatever God told you are, You’re whatever your heart desire. Say it now I AM __________________________!!! Say it again, I AM ___________________!!! WHO AM I NOT BE, NOT TO DO , AND IF NOTHING ELSE NOT TO AT LEAST TRY WITH ALL MY MIGHT?!!
Drown fear out in love (traits listed above) by acting in love, being love, living love, believing in love, accepting love. Edifying yourself is the first step because you are declaring, decreeing, and affirming your greatness. You will not allow anything to get in your way. You love yourself to know that there is no truth in fear.
Please be advised, that fear will return, it always does. I listed above the different forms of fear, so it may display itself differently or it may use the same tricks it has before. Fear knows you well, well actually it knows the old you well, so it know what attacks would be effective. Regardless, when it’s your move, dig deep, face that fear(s), call it out by its name, smile, give it the middle finger, and tell it I CAN, I WILL, and I AM!!  Thank God, keep it moving in pursuit of your ambition and PREVAIL!!

Sharisa Robertson is the founder of Lilies of the Field and uses her testimony of overcoming abuse to help other women heal. She resides in Detroit with the love of her life and their three children. She’s currently working on many projects and is enjoying living out her dream.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream It! Think It! Work It! Achieve It!

 "Your life's journey is about becoming more of who you are." - Oprah Winfrey

I was watching an episode of Master Class on the Oprah Winfrey Network and it highlighted Jane Fonda. Now, I would not suggest that Jane Fonda is a motivational speaker, however, many of the things she said resonated with me as far as being an entrepreneur and a woman trying to find my own way.

She made a statement about an affirmation about something that she thought she could not do, acting, changed her life and she found her focus. She found the very thing that would cause her to want to get up in the morning and live her best life.

Many of us have dreams and those dreams seem to be out of reach for us now. Maybe like Jane we think we are too fat, too ugly, uninteresting and forgotten. All it really takes is one person to see you for what is on the inside of you. On the inside screaming clawing to get out and make it's mark. Why not dream it now. See what is really possible for your life and go after it.

Once it becomes a dream, you will start to live, breath and think it. It will take over your conscious thought. It will become an obsession. You will have to start thinking of ways to make it happen. If you understand what it is that you love, your passion will cause you to form a plan to achieve it.

Once that plan is made clear to you, work it! I like to say if you work the plan the plan will work. If you put all your efforts into the achievement of your dream, your dream will gladly surrender itself to you. It will yield to you all the fruits of your labor and more.

Once you have achieved your dream, dream again!

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Follow Your Dreams

How does one follow their dreams? Many times I am asked this by individuals wondering if my coaching will actually change their lives. My response is simply, Just do it. If you have a dream and you know that you have what it takes to make it happen then the only thing you can so is follow your dreams.

So here are a few tips to help you follow even the wildest of dreams you may have.

1. Dream Big

If you are going to dream at all it should be a dream that is beyond your comfort zone. It should be a dream that is going to require focus and initiative on your part. the best dreams are the ones that come with the disclaimer: "This is not for the faint in heart". The bigger the dream the better. If you are going to really change your tomorrow then you can not live by today's standards.

2. Write It Down

Where do you want to be in a year from now? How close to accomplishing your dream will you be in five years? How about ten years? When you write down your dream/vision, you will start to see clearly. The fluff will start to dissipate and the path will unveil it's self just like the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. Remember in that movie the moral of the story was that everything that Dorothy needed to get home was found inside of her. She just had to know what was there and how to use it. When you write it down, the clarity comes and the path is obvious.

3. Do Something Different Than You Have Been

Have you ever rode a roller-coaster? What is the thrill in riding them. Well, at least for me it is the thrill of the unknown. I mean I can see the dips and curls and whips but to experience it is another thing. When I was growing up I used to love to try all the new Roller Coaster first. I loved the thrilled of telling someone who had not been on the ride that it's the funniest thing you can do not because I heard about it but because I experienced it for myself. The same is true for your dreams. You are a unique person and your "ride" will be different from the next person but get your ticket to get on the ride and don't talk yourself out of it. It's time you try it out first. Speak from experience and not from hear say.

You may look silly to others who are playing it safe. however, just think about it no one that ever made a living legacy did it blending in. Stand out and do something different. Get on that adrenaline rush of a roller- coaster ride and scream until it stops! Don't forget to raise your hands and shout! Look for the new and make it work for you.

4. Visualize the End Game

I am a firm believer that we don't achieve the success we want in life, whether it be personal, professional or relational, because we are afraid to see the end of the matter. We stay focus on the here and now. We wonder why things are not going as we planned them to do. The real problem is we use our natural eyes to see the failure, lack, and issues. In stead of looking at the love, honor, respect and abundance. We are not grateful for what we have therefore it is hard for us to think we deserve better. So here's a tip. After you have taken a moment to dream, and then you have written it all out. Sit in a quiet place with your favorite beverage and a journal. Close your eyes and see yourself living your dream. what does it look like, how does it feel, What will change and what will remain the same.

Once you have visualized it in your head. Write it all down staring with a month from now, to six months from now, then a year from now, five years, ten years, twenty years even. From the moment that you are do this exercise, allow yourself to really explore every aspect of this life you will lead.

5. Connect, Connect and Connect Some More

There is not a lot to say about this other than this: We are not an island to ourselves and we need each other if we are going to enjoy this life. Whether you are a business owner, or a Executive or even a housewife or Mr. Mom. one thing i true we all have circle of friends that know like and trust us. You can get out into the community and build alliances with others in a similar business. Relationships whether they are personal or professional is what keeps the world going forward. If you plan to achieve your dreams. Take a moment to get to know your neighbors, the leaders in your community and other pertinent figures. Talk about THEM and be true to who you are at all times. A well placed connections will blossom into a vineyard of  possibilities. Don't look down on networking and meeting new people. It's actually what makes the world go around.

Now go and follow those dreams, wherever they may lead.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group