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Are you Ready To Make Some Money

With the holidays coming up soon, many will be looking to shop online and or to get value for less.  All that said they are looking for great gifts and ways to make life better. However, many are looking for quick fixes that will not allow them to experience true joy. they are looking for a solution but truly understanding what they are looking for. They have tried so many things that did not seemingly work for their circumstances and their situations. They have questions, I have answers.

So where do you fit into all of this. Well, I am glad that you asked the question. Many of you are exactly where I previous described or you are frustrated with the transitions in your life. May be recently you have had a life change (divorce, laid off your job, added a child to the family, entered a marriage, went back to school etc) or maybe you are re-evaluating your life and wanting to make an impact but just don't know how. You lack the drive and passion you need to fulfill your dreams and passion is frizzing out quickly. As stated you have questions, I have have answers!

On the other hand you are needing to make some fast cash. the holidays are approaching and your would love to not have to worry about those after sale blues. Well again, you have questions, I have answers. So let me explain how I can help you.

In the first situation, I have coaching programs and services that will help you understand where you are in life and then give you clarity on where you want to go and explain how you can get there quickly. We focus on the benefits and results you will experience and the process just seems to make sense. You can go to and get more information on my coaching services and go to for the products I offer.

In addition, if you are tight on money and need a easy way to make money without adding hours of work or an additional job, you can become an affiliate for me. What this looks like for you...

You will start to promote my website, products and services. You can go to My Affiliate Program Link to start earning money now. You put this link in your online newsletters, on your website, in your email signature and anywhere you think it will get seen. Now remember if you are going to reap the benefits of the program you got to post it everywhere and make it attractive so people will click on the link. once they purchase any of the products and or services you will get a WHOPPING 50%. Yes you read it right 50% of the purchase. Many of my affiliates, target my ideal clients and walk them through the process. These are your family, friends, co-workers and sometimes enemies :) so you know exactly what they need because they talk to you and even more importantly they trust you. So why not, sign up today and start earning cash to make this holiday season a better one. See you at the top.

Don't forget to get yours, why not make 2012 the best year ever!

Be Empowered,

Coach Linda Hillman 
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 Keys to break the Poverty Mindset by Dani Johnson

It’s all in the mind, they say – and on some level, they’re absolutely correct. Habits formed in your mind have kept you from financial success in life – so make this your time to start developing a healthy foundation for financial prosperity!

Do you have a poverty mindset? Take a look at these 6 quick tips from Dani Johnson to help you identify what a poverty mindset looks like – and how to break it once and for all!

1. Your Environment Is Everything
Dani grew up on welfare with parents who ran out of money continuously – then used what money they did have for drugs. There was abuse, no peace, no security. Growing up in that environment absolutely shapes one’s mind about money and life. There was no budgeting to help make their money last; they would blow it all on junk food, alcohol and drugs – then act like victims until the next check arrived. Change your environment – change your financial future. 

2. Don’t Speak The Language Of Poverty
How many hours do we spend in school learning financial wisdom? Zero! So where do you learn your financial habits? From other adults, mainly your parents. If your parents spent foolishly, their actions taught you to spend foolishly. If your parents spent wisely, you would gravitate towards wisdom in finances. Dani grew up with the language of poverty that sounds like “we can’t afford it,” or “we don’t have the money” or “that’s for rich people, not us.” All those statements are victimized, poverty statements. Change your language, and you change your financial future. 

3. Eliminate Unhealthy Financial Traditions
Unhealthy traditions pass from one generation to the next. If you are serious about breaking yours, you can succeed. How?
  • Make a decision: Do you like where you are financially? Are you tired of the pressure of debt? If so, decide today to do whatever it takes to achieve financial independence.
  • Learn some new skills to replace the poor skills you learned from those around you.
  • Repetition is the mother of skill. Through repetition you learned poor financial skills; through repetition you will learn great financial skills. Beware who you learn from. You should learn from someone who has a lot of money – not just someone who looks the part. Most people are far from reaching their goal of financial independence.
Change your traditions, and you change your financial future. 

4. Understand The Power Of Repetition
We learned how to walk, talk and eat by watching those around us. Everything we know how to do, we learned – or were at least were influenced by those around us. Have you ever said, “I will never be like…” or swore to do things differently from your parents, only to find yourself saying and doing those exact things? History repeats itself! Decisions made without establishing new skills will lead to failure of the decisions becoming a reality. Change your habits, and you change your financial future. 

5. A Solid Financial Foundation Starts Early
Your children are always listening and watching, whether you realize it or not. Groom them for success instead of unintentionally grooming them for failure. Their success will come from you. Grooming the Next Generation for Success will help you teach kids to succeed now and in the future. When they learn while young, success becomes a part of their very fiber instead of hoping they will succeed they will be groomed to succeed! Help someone else succeed, and you change your financial future. 

6. Take Action!
If you’ve gotten this far, know that you have been chosen to prevent those negative traditions from passing through you. Solomon, the richest man who ever lived, said: “A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.” Don’t be stupid! If thousands of Dani’s clients can follow her teachings and experience financial success, so can you. Don’t let this be another article you read and put away. Take action today. Start learning the difference between wise and foolish spending. Learn how to create assets instead of liabilities.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are you ready for change?

I came across this article and thought I would share it with you. - Coach Linda Hillman

You Don't Need More Willpower…
By Holly Brubach

Not being able to change doesn't mean we're lazy, stubborn, or weak. A pair of Harvard educators argue that our best-laid plans often fall through for smart, self-protective (and ingeniously hidden) reasons.

This past fall, 24 people gathered for a workshop at Harvard University, among them members of the university's human resources department, executives from nonprofit institutions, one labor union official, members of a prominent international consulting firm, a high school principal, a teacher—and me. We had signed up for the session to better understand why people struggle to make significant changes— why, for instance, their vows to improve their lives (go to the gym, be nicer, lose 10 pounds, drink less, clean up more, save money) are so often followed, sometimes in a matter of weeks or even days, by utter failure.

The workshop is led by clinical psychologist Robert Kegan, PhD, and Lisa Lahey, EdD, experts in adult learning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They've spent more than 20 years wondering why it is that people don't change, studying those—the few—who have successfully broken a habit and the many who, despite repeated attempts, can't. Eventually, they arrived at a theory, the premise of which became the title for their new book, Immunity to Change. Their metaphor, invoking the body's exquisite ability to ward off disease and invasion, is apt: Our best efforts to change, the researchers claim, are routinely overwhelmed by forces within us.

Kegan and Lahey have spent decades working with small groups of educators who wanted to improve their skills as teachers and administrators. They now shepherd several thousand people a year through the process they've developed. Like their book, these sessions tend to be skewed toward organizations and their leaders, but their method works as well for individuals looking to make changes as it does for executives looking to tweak their management style.

Today, under Kegan and Lahey's guidance, our group begins to engage in some supervised soulsearching. They hand us a four-column worksheet that Kegan describes as "a mental map that functions as an X-ray." For the first column, Kegan and Lahey tell us, pick a goal, one that would make a significant difference in our lives. A New Year's resolution, maybe. Or the promise we've been making (and breaking) for years. In the second column, they ask us to list all the ways that we routinely kneecap ourselves.

As an example, they bring up a former workshop participant—a superstar CEO they call Peter. Focused, disciplined, the co-founder of a multibillion-dollar company, he's the kind of person who decides to lose 10 pounds, does it in a few months, and keeps the weight off for years. But he's been less successful in softening his top-down management approach. In column one of the worksheet, Peter wrote that his goals were to delegate more and become more open to his staff's ideas. In column two, he easily identified how he sabotaged himself: by not seeking out other opinions, cutting off staffers mid-thought, and not empowering them to make their own decisions.

What's striking about Kegan and Lahey's approach is that it recognizes the often good, if poorly understood, reasons for Peter's behavior (and, by extension, our own). Our flat-out failure to bring about the change we desire is not for lack of good intentions. Whatever it is that we resolved to do or to stop doing in the past, they don't doubt that we meant it. While we beat ourselves up over our lack of willpower, our laziness, our weakness, our dark side that wins out time and again—Kegan and Lahey say those change-resistant behaviors have a very good reason for being.

"What you see as demonic is actually in some ways a very tender expression," says Lahey, "a protection of something you feel vulnerable about." Kegan adds: "The behavior you're trying to extinguish or diminish, let's say, the way you're eating or overeating—you're only looking at it as bad." But, he says, it's just the tip of the iceberg. "And until you can get below the waterline, you can't see why this behavior is brilliant."

What lies underneath the surface is anxiety, which, Kegan and Lahey explain, they have come to appreciate as "the most important—and least understood—private emotion in public life." Most of us think of anxiety as panic attacks or stage fright, acute episodes brought on by a big presentation to the boss or some other high-stakes occasion. Or a condition specific to people who were traumatized as children or survived some harrowing event. But Kegan and Lahey see anxiety as our brain's background noise, revving up when we're confronted with something new, unfamiliar, or threatening, and operating most of the time at such a low volume that we don't even hear it. "We all have anxiety, just by virtue of being human," Lahey says.

We don't think of ourselves as continually fearful, Kegan says, because we've figured out how to manage this undercurrent of anxiety—whether it's our discomfort at meeting new people, our worry when talking to the boss, or our indecision in the jam aisle of the supermarket. "For instance, I may have a deep-running anxiety that you don't think well enough of me," says Kegan. "But I don't live my life every day like I'm walking on eggshells, because I'm very tuned in to what you want or need in order to continue to have a high opinion of me. I use my energy to make sure that I keep delivering what I believe it is that you want. As a result, I don't feel the anxiety because I'm handling it."

At this point in our session, Kegan and Lahey turn the discussion to column three to identify our own buried anxiety. They ask us: What would happen if we stopped the behavior that gets in the way of achieving the goals we've set for ourselves? The room goes quiet. That simple question triggers a litany of potential catastrophes—which turn out to be surprisingly personal.

As Kegan and Lahey explain in their book, this is the moment Peter the CEO realized that if he did delegate, he would lose the sense of himself as "the super problem solver, the one who knows best, the one who is in control—yesterday, today, and tomorrow." Peter's mind was in the grip of equal and opposite impulses, prompting him to describe himself as having "one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake." No wonder our attempts to change grind to a halt.

Kegan and Lahey give examples of other clients who resort to the same problem behavior, each of them in response to different obscured anxieties. One woman eats too much because she doesn't like the overtly sexual way men respond to her when she's thin. One man binges as a way of accepting the love of his big Italian-American family.

Kegan and Lahey are in awe of the ingenuity with which we—all of us—keep our lives under control, to make sure that our anxiety is kept at bay and our fears never come true. "And life could just go on that way," Kegan says, "except that the system, this anxiety management system you've built, charges rent. It's costing you something. And what does it cost you? It costs you your goal."

It takes a little time for our group to get to the bottom of the anxiety that motivates each of us. Then Kegan and Lahey lead us through the last step. They urge us to reframe our fears in the context of the "big assumptions" that underlie them—ideas we take for granted about the way the world works and our place in it. Our parents convey to us their understanding of life, Kegan and Lahey explain, and we often take their opinions as fact. For Peter, the belief that needed to be challenged was: "If I want something done right, I have to do it myself." Kegan and Lahey throw out other examples to our group, assumptions like "If I say no, I'll lose people's friendship and respect" or "If I paid attention to my appetite, I'd never stop eating." We find this section easy to complete. Within ten minutes, each of us lists a number of things we believe to be The Way Things Are.

In some instances, Kegan and Lahey say, these fears may prove to be justified. But they usually aren't. For all its intelligence, our psychological immune system is not infallible. Like our physical immune system, it sometimes sounds the alarm in situations when it shouldn't. "When it rejects new material, internal or external to the body, that the body needs to heal itself or to thrive, the immune system can put us in danger," Kegan and Lahey write. "It does not understand that it must alter its code. It does not understand that, ironically, in working to protect us, it is actually putting us at serious risk."

Traditional psychotherapy trusts that the truth will set the patient free, that the power of insight will overhaul the behavior you're looking to change. But as any disillusioned analysand can tell you, arriving at some deeper awareness of how you're screwed up doesn't necessarily make you less screwed up. That's why this final step of the process is a little demoralizing. Confronted with the evidence of why our past attempts to change had been doomed to failure, we sit, staring glumly at our X-rays. "This is a perfect system you've created," Kegan tells us, and we have to admit he's right. As much as we want to finally make that New Year's resolution stick, it turns out we are equally committed to another, previously hidden, agenda. So Kegan and Lahey ask us to devise "experiments," starting out small, to test our assumptions. Someone like Peter, who is trying to break a lifelong control habit, might choose to delegate a task that isn't life-or-death to the most capable member of his staff and see what happens. Someone else might decide to say no to a dear friend and see how he or she responds. The man who struggles with his Italian family might commit to 24 hours of eating only when he's hungry and see how it goes.

Surviving tests like these, Kegan and Lahey tell us, puts you in a position to question ideas you've understood as universal truths, and with those changes in your mind-set come changes in your behavior. In their years of experience, Kegan and Lahey have seen people make enormous shifts—they've lost the weight, stuck to the fitness program, learned how to manage their temper, finally cleaned up their office. To our group, this kind of transformation feels daunting, but more promising than another round of New Year's resolutions, that's for sure. For the first time, we understand what we are up against—not the evil within us but our own ingenuity, well-meaning but misguided. What a relief that turns out to be. Not a solution but a place to start.

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Bonus Offer

Bonus Offer

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What do you have in your hands?

"Many times your God given vision is larger than your current 
circumstances, background or education." - Dr. Elizabeth Babatunde

Many of my coaching clients ask me to help them push past fear to get to the arena where they are fearless. However, in my experience, that is not realistic. there will always be some element of fear. Say this with me. FEAR is natural and real. However, what can be overcome is the deception behind fear. When you understand that you will understand that no matter, what your vision you have everything you need to make it happen. Why? because it's in your hands right now. do me a favor and look in your hands. What do you see? If you say nothing...then you need to look again.

Why put off your destiny because you think you cant do it. The real problem is your are thinking you cant and no matter how you look at it we are what we think we are and we can only do what we think we can do. It's just that simple. Luck, talent, education, skill really has nothing to do with it. I know plenty of people that just kind of fell into their destiny by accident. It's not what they went to school for, they did not even know where to get started or they were trying to do something else but a failure became their success. So you can be afraid to fail.

"If you are not failing then you are not even trying." - Denzel Washington

So now I ask you again, what do you have in your hands. Everything that you will need and need currently to be a success in this life is right in your hand. Even the smallest thing that we take for granted on a daily basis can be something of great importance.

It is time that you evaluate yourself and really seek to find the treasures that lay inside of you. What experiences have you struggled through, what trouble have you recently come out of, how did you deal with a bad divorce, death of a child, losing your home, being laid off, moving from one city to anther and so forth. All these things mentioned gives you a weapon.  Now it's time to use that weapon. Not in the physical realm but in getting things done in the spiritual realm. Get your emotions, thoughts and actions to lie up and do what you say and think.

There are people around you right now that are just waiting for the opportunity to help you, share the load and partner with you for success. So then the next step is to seek them out. In this you may have to rely on God's direction. He can reveal who has the resources, talents, skills, knowledge and connections you need. They are already assigned to help you, they are waiting on you.  Now don't think they will take you to the finish line but they will assist along the way. They will make what you fear the most become a motivator instead of a disabler.

So today, make up your mind to start where you are. Remember you only get what you give. So start giving your all to the dreams, aspirations and desires that are on the inside of you and use what you have in your hands to make it happen. I'll see you on your journey as our paths cross.

Dare 2 B U!

Coach Linda Hillman 
Copyright 2011 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here's How You Get a Raise From Your Boss

Ask -Seek - Knock
This was sent to me in email and I laughed so hard...but then I thought about it. Some of us are so afraid to ASK for what we what. So read this and maybe you will find your strength to ASK for waht you need and want.

Employee: Excuse me sir, may I talk to you?
Boss: Sure, come on in.   What can I do for you?
Employee:  Well sir, as you know, I have been an employee of this prestigious firm for over ten years.
Boss:  Yes. 
Employee:  I won't beat around the bush.   Sir, I would like a raise. I currently have four companies after me and so I decided to talk to you first.
Boss:  A raise?   I would love to give you a raise, but this is just not the right time. 
Employee:  I understand your position, and I know that the current economic down turn has had a negative impact on sales, but you must also take into consideration my hard work, pro- activeness and loyalty to this company for over a decade.
Boss:  Taking into account these factors, and considering I don't want to start a brain drain, I'm willing to offer you a ten percent raise and an extra five days of vacation time.  How does that sound? 
Employee:  Great!   It's a deal!   Thank you, sir!
Boss:  Before you go, just out of curiosity, what companies were after you? 
Employee:  Oh, the Electric Company, Gas Company, Water Company and the Mortgage Company!
LOL - This still makes me laugh. Moral of the story... JUST A.S.K.!!! Ask-Seek-Knock!!!

How Lack, Poverty and Struggle Will Kill Your Dreams and How To Slay These Ugly Demons So The World Can Be Changed By Your Business

I came across this blog and thought i would share it with my readers. If you are tired fo getting the same results you will have to do something different. enjoy my Guest Blogger - Sandi Krakoski.  - Coach Linda Hillman

"Mom, remember when you said that when people judge a person or situation it's really just a mirror of their own life? Well, I think it just happened. "

My 17 year old son, Justin, was up early and talking with me after my trip to Chicago. I always enjoy these times that we have great talks when everyone else is asleep. Being a morning riser like his Mom, we have these talks often. I'm so grateful that I didn't have to head off to a corporate job at the crack of dawn and he wasn't off running to school early. If we were, these life shifting conversations might not ever take place. Some of them have been so profound I'm sure his entire future has been changed.

As I began to affirm and reiterate what I teach my children and my clients, that harsh words others speak about us reveal the harsher reality in their own life, he continued talking with me.
"Well…" big pause… " Mark said you were wasting a lot of money by having someone drive you into Chicago and when I laughed and kinda celebrated that you actually got a limo ride all the way home for your 3 hours ride he just shook his head and said, 'What a waste of money!' again."

What a teachable moment this was. What an opportunity to train my son in the way he SHOULD go and not in the path of the majority!

Listen in for a minute here, as I give you an opportunity to hear the heart to heart mentoring that I had with him. As I continue I'm not going to use the best formatting or editing for our conversation. Allow me the freedom to just share and process with you. It is my belief that it will be very beneficial!

I began to share that the majority of people in the world have absolutely no ability to process or think beyond their reality. This leads to thinking that anything beyond what they know is either unreal, wrong or not worth the time to consider. Coming from this reference point we can have empathy in realizing that most people not only don't have anyone 'driving' them anywhere because their day to day existence involves pinching pennies, striving to be grateful, living on credit cards and living in struggle. Throw a wild card out there, from this perspective, and we can see how the addition of driving in a limo and God forbid, driving in a limo for 3 hours ….it can be seen as not only illogical but down right stupid!  

We both laughed. It wasn't a laughter of arrogance or a demeaning tone, but a realization of how one situation can 'seem' like something when it is totally a different reality.
The reality is this- last year we earned so much money as a company that we needed more write offs. We also had to really change the way we were spending my time and our money. My time is not wisely spent driving long distances, sitting in airports or wasted.

Time is money, my friends, so if I have to sit in a plane or in an airport or anywhere during WORKING hours, Mon-Fri and I'm unable to do what I do, it's a loss to the company. Equally, if I try to pinch every single penny and don't get wise write offs, the government gets far more money than I'm comfortable with! Our nation is DESIGNED for companies by the way and you need to really become aware of what using write offs does for your tax structure.

So we had a choice- here they are, as I laid them out for my son:

1- Spend $ 140 on gas and drive to Chicago in my Yukon XL, pay $ 165 and park the dang thing. Not very many write offs on a trip that would produce huge income for my company because of all that I would implement from it. Not to mention I'd have to cancel 2 coaching appointments and then somehow make them up the following week=lost time, money and we'd have to pay more in taxes.

2- Spend 1 hour driving each way to the airport, pay $ 295 to fly to Chicago from Indiana because the rates are ridiculous. Be in contact with germs, be interrupted so that I couldn't hold any coaching calls and waste 5 hours to do a 1/2 hour flight.  I'd have to cancel 2 coaching appointments and then somehow make them up the following week=lost time, money and we'd have to pay more in taxes.

3- Spend the money to have someone drive me to Chicago in a car that I can also work in, $ 700. Do an email campaign in the car, adjust PPC ads and do 2 coaching calls, along with newsletter. Total profits earned during both way trips, $ 5280.00. End up with a nice profit increase, keep on task without coaching appointments to make up after 4 hours away from my office and we pay less in taxes.

What would YOU choose? 

You can quickly see why I chose to have someone drive me. I'm really glad we did this! I will be doing it again for the Mastermind I'm leading on May 14th and the live event we're doing in Chicago on June 11 and the 12th! As a matter of fact, because I'm giving this company so much business they cut one of my trips costs in 1/2 and even upgraded me for free! Talk about a blessing and favor from God! Hello?!! Now you can see why my son was celebrating.

It's all about stewardship, perspective and being willing to THINK rather than doing what others are always doing.

Wise stewardship takes on a whole new realm when you enter into the millions of dollars in profits zone. With information publishing, where the overhead is quite low, you have to get creative! Heck, I choose to have FUN with being creative! *wink*…. but you know, no one ever talks about this aspect of business! Can you say A Real Change ?! 

The conversation went into the large sums of money we've bee so blessed to give to those who have nothing. The more than 100 pictures in my office and in my books of photos of babies were remembered. The boys and girls in the slave trade were also talked about ….. the people that have been rescued because of WordPress classes, auto responder courses, copywriting training, coaching and live events!

Then we felt like dancing and crying and celebrating! Then we talked about the adoptions we've been able to secretly provide for. Giving funds to Mommies and Daddies who lacked only one thing, the money to bring home their new forever baby. 
I added this statement to our conversation:

"We must never forget that the more you impact people in the earth, the more you are a threat to the spiritual forces that would like to STOP you!"

There's another very important discussion we then had and one I'd like to share with you.
When we judge someone else and believe that we have a right or a need to make known that someone has violated an 'unwritten' code of society, we reveal our own weakness before we reveal anything else. The very thing that we are most critical of…. we are most guilty of.

More than what my son's friend needed to clear up in his own belief system, the bigger issue is in the error that is 'alive and well' in the beliefs and trainings of adults in his life and his surroundings.

Because we live in an area where few people have any idea what we do or why we do it, some people might judge us or have an opinion about our actions. Sadly they are just reflecting their own mirror of error. Because of preprogrammed beliefs that are never challenged many people end up judging anyone who does anything differently than they would or have experienced. It is TIME to make that cycle cease!

Here's a litmus test that you can use to see if there are any preprogrammed beliefs within your own heart that you might not be aware of that are holding you back-

A. When you find out that someone has done, performed or accomplished something that you are not currently good at, is your first thought criticism or defense?

B. Do you believe that people who make a lot of money are required to give it away and are in some 'unspoken code' obligated to give back? Do you believe that someone could never get to high levels of income without doing something illegal, immoral or dishonest?

C. What is your first thought when someone does something differently than you would? Do you feel compelled to give your opinion?

D. Do you grow weary with the way people who are successful do things, especially when they are not things you would do?

Imagine, if you will, that some of the following situations might exist in your area-

What if the person with the 4 carat diamond ring and Lexus convertible lives on less than 5% of their income? Does it bother you or inspire you?

When you see someone else succeed, is it a threat to your own personal success, an inspiration to your goals or is it a challenge to your own self-confidence?

One thing this particular young man might have never thought to ask would be, 
"What does your Mom do? Does she teach others to do it as well?"

I'd be willing to bet his parents, grandparents, teachers and other leaders may never have thought to consider these things as well.

My friends, how can you personally make A Real Change in your life and those around you?

sandi best resolution1 150x150 How Lack, Poverty and Struggle Will Kill Your Dreams and How To Slay These Ugly Demons So The World Can Be Changed By Your Business     Sandi Krakowski      is a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 100,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. She has a track record for her 'bringing it into action' processes that company owners find easy to implement with quick results. She has been working online successfully for the last 14 years.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

The PBW Tour 2011 - Maximizing YOU - Press release

Contact: Corporate Communications- 800-917-9435 ext 808

The Professional Black Woman™ Maximizing You Tour Positively Impacts More Than 33 Cities

Greenville, SC (April 20, 2011) - The Professional Black Woman™ (The PBW), a personal and professional development organization launch its 33 city plus tour. The purpose of the tour is to promote its mission of providing partnerships, mentorships, resources, and skills needed for business and professional women to increase their bottom line. The admission is complimentary however registration is required for admittance.

The PBW Maximizing You Tour offers opportunities for networking, exchanging of ideas for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, and a venue for successful professional, African-American women to be showcased. The cities included on the tour are: Atlanta, Baltimore, Bethlehem, Birmingham, Buena Vista, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Flint, Greensboro, Houston, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Louisville, Miami, Milwaukee, Mobile, Montclair, Montgomery, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Raleigh, St. Croix, Stockton, Suffolk, Toronto, and Washington, DC.

Top experts are taking note of the impact women business owners are making in the market place. Jim Turley, Ernest Young CEO had this to say, “The more women are engaged in business, the better the G.D.P.” Lahle Wolfe of states, “Black women started businesses at three-to-five times the rate of all other new businesses between 2006 and 2009.” “This tour will further enhance our mission of providing quality platforms for professional, African-American women to sharpen their skills, increase their knowledge, and create stronger partnerships,” says Deborah Hardnett, The Professional Black Woman™ Founder & CEO.

For registration, alliance opportunities or more information please visit and/or call 800-917-9435 ext 808.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking NEWS - What's New With D2BU

Hope all is well! I just wanted to reach out to each of you about some exciting news, I think you all will want to know this.

I just created something that I am very proud of. I have discovered that many are looking for ways to make their life count and make a difference. There are many out there telling us what to do but not how to do it. So we get frustrated and discouraged. Well, I believe I have the answer to STOP the madness!

I have discovered a way to work with my clients and potential clients so they can:
* increase their earnings by 40 -50%
* Find more time in the day to relax
* Do what you truly love and make money
and finally...
* Get the results you dream about.

I know this sounds amazing and (to be honest) not realistic at all. However, I will let you be the judge of that. Listen, these seminars are just the beginning of my plan and I am sure that working with me will get you forward movement very quickly.

When I designed this program, I had people just like me in mind, people wanting to do what you love and make money. Tired of seeing others make it and charging you a fortune to find out how they did it. Only to give you the what and not the how. If you agree with me...then simply drop me line on facebook or email me at for more information.

You can also go to and read my coaching page to see the services I will be offering.

Be empowered,

Coach Linda Hillman
Only those that can see the invisible; Can achieve the impossible!
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