Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking NEWS - What's New With D2BU

Hope all is well! I just wanted to reach out to each of you about some exciting news, I think you all will want to know this.

I just created something that I am very proud of. I have discovered that many are looking for ways to make their life count and make a difference. There are many out there telling us what to do but not how to do it. So we get frustrated and discouraged. Well, I believe I have the answer to STOP the madness!

I have discovered a way to work with my clients and potential clients so they can:
* increase their earnings by 40 -50%
* Find more time in the day to relax
* Do what you truly love and make money
and finally...
* Get the results you dream about.

I know this sounds amazing and (to be honest) not realistic at all. However, I will let you be the judge of that. Listen, these seminars are just the beginning of my plan and I am sure that working with me will get you forward movement very quickly.

When I designed this program, I had people just like me in mind, people wanting to do what you love and make money. Tired of seeing others make it and charging you a fortune to find out how they did it. Only to give you the what and not the how. If you agree with me...then simply drop me line on facebook or email me at for more information.

You can also go to and read my coaching page to see the services I will be offering.

Be empowered,

Coach Linda Hillman
Only those that can see the invisible; Can achieve the impossible!
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