Monday, July 9, 2012

Realizing Your Ability to Win

When you are truly ready to experience your dreams and the success that is attributed to it, you must realize that you can win.  How does one realize that they were placed in this life to win? It's not that hard and there are several ways to do so. According to Terry Louise Truvillion of Truvillion Communications, Inc., there are seven principles you can to realize your ability to win:

1. Know Who You Are And Whose You Are.
2. Stay Healthy, Alert, and Always Sober.
3. Make A Plan, Then Follow It.
4. Believe Anything Is Possible If You Prepare.
5. Only Fight Battles You Can Win.
6. Be A Risk Taker.
7. God Hears You Best When You Are On Your Knees.

Once you realize that winning is possible and you follow the above principles, you will see that a clear path to success is formed. Remember that success comes to those that are ready for it and have a winning attitude.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
Copyright 2012 Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group

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