Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Moving Beyond the Dream

The one thing that I have grown to understand in this life is you must have a "why". Without the understanding of your "why" it is impossible to get to the "How". Your dream is a vision. You have to see the end result before you can see the manifestation of it. Your "why" is what keeps you going when things seem to be too difficult.

Your dream is your purpose. It's just that simple. My motto for my business and my life is see the invisible, achieve the impossible. Until you are able to move beyond your dream and start to see things happen. I was reading Unleash the Winner Within You and one of the chapters was written by Cyrenius Forh Jr entitled Moving Beyond Your Dream, I wanted to share some of his tips with you.

In order for you to move pass the dreaming stage, you must:

Write It Down
I agree with this because until you write it down you cannot begin to truly see it. I would say write in down in vivid color. This will help you start to see, feel, touch, taste and smell your success. You will understand the path you will take to make it happen.

Speak Life Into Your Dreams
Many of us never truly realize the dreams that we have because of the simple fact that if we write it down, we allow ourselves and others to speak death. We doubt our ability to get the job done and when things are not going well, we can be talked  off the ledge. Meaning we simple can be talked out of our dreams. Recently I saw the movie, Man on the Ledge and it helped me to realize that if you believe in something yu must be willing to get on the ledge and take your stand. It does not matter who thinks it's impossible and that you are crazy. It matters what you believe.

You Must R.E.A.D.
In Cy's chapter he talks about Research, Engage, Ask, Devote. It is important that you know your stuff, I mean truly think about it who wants to be in business with someone who is making  an educated guess based on assumptions. Take the risk because you have done the research and know your topic inside and out. there should not be any question that you cant answer about what you are trying to accomplish and I would add this you should be able to quote the failures as well s the success quicker than anyone else. When you can talk about it with he best of them, you will find that their doubts are released. Be engaged in all aspects of your business/education/personal development. Whatever your dream you should know about events that will help you achieve it, people that are doing already and be enthusiastic about all outcomes. Ask questions often. Understanding your dream and applying knowledge is crucial to moving your dream forward and getting beyond just the dream stage. Finally, Devote all your discipline and continuous growth to your dream and it's fulfillment. Remember Les Brown said, "In order to become something you have never been, you have to  do things you have never done."

Have a G.O. Plan
GO stands for Get Organized. You must have a plan to get organized and move forward. this may mean that you have to look at relationships, hobbies, books you read, TV shows you watch, etc  to make sure that you are not allowing thoughts and attitudes that are contrary to where you are trying to go in your life but you must also put things in it's proper place. Time management is key in your GO plan.

When it is all said and done you must be ready to move beyond your dreaming stage and put action to it. It's time to live the life that you have dreamed of. It's up to you.

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
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