Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Activate Your Dreams Part 2

Recently I read a book called "Unleash The Winner Within You" and it has inspired my next few blogs. Each chapter of this book talks about things you can do to unleash your potential to achieve yur dreams. The first chapter was Activate Your Dreams by Susan Stark Gallucci.

Yesterday I wrote some of my notes that motivated me. Here's the steps mentioned in the book that will allow you to Activate Your Dreams. The following steps:

  • Pounce Now - Do something now dont wait
  • Dream Check - I like to it called it vision check
  • Step Persistently - Keep it moving in other words
  • Conquer and Continue - There will be things that you will need to overcome they do not stop you, it's just past of the process.
  • Celebrate and Rejuvenate - Do your victory dance after all accomplishments (big or small) take a moment to recover from all the work you have done.

Having  a plan is the most important thing. Working the plan is the how you begion to see the manifestation. Let's go!

Be Empowered
Coach Linda Hillman
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Reference: Susie Gallucci Activate your Dreams (c) 2005

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